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Trustees share their appreciation for all the support our generous Sponsors, Advertisers, and Donors contribute to help keep Historic Smith Tavern Educational Complex up and running.

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The North Castle Historical Society is located at 440 Bedford Road, Armonk, NY, in the landmarked Smith's Tavern. The North Castle Historical Society is chartered by The Regents of The University of The State of New York and is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic sites, education of our community and remembering local traditions. Your support and interest are a vital part of keeping our history alive. We are 100% volunteer and we do not receive any local, state or federal government funding.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again this Fall... please reserve the date and be on the lookout for details towards the end of summer!

Next time you drive around town, dropping the kids off at school or heading into town to do some shopping, take a second to notice some of history you pass every day. While you're stuck in traffic driving up Route 22 during rush hour, imagine this road was the only way north on this side of the county before 1968. Did you know before the BHHS was built in 1965, students attended high school in Pleasantville? Did you know North Castle was the home of the Armonk Airport? Watch this video about the old airport Flying in a PT 19 and read about it here. The airport used to be where the Business Park is now and people used to come up to Armonk from all over to watch the small planes and have a picnic. Watch this video of Town Historian Dorrie Watson describing The Five Landmarks of North Castle

There are so many fascinating stories about our town and many of them have been captured in our Historical Society Booklets that are available for you to read if you click here North Castle Historical Society Documents. Follow the updates around the Miller House/Washington's Headquarters in North White Plains, click here

You can also read history as it happened by going to North Castle Library. This enormous task of digitizing old North Castle newspapers was sponsored by the North Castle Historical Society and the North Castle Library. We hope you find these papers as interesting as we do.

Do you like historical maps? Here's a great resource for you David Rumsey map collection . To learn about North Castle's Civil War Soldiers, click this link to the pdf.