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Please enjoy this collection of North Castle Memorabilia.  If you have photos of old North Castle you would like to share with us, please email them to or email us to set up an appointment to let us scan them together with you on our flatbed scanner.  We also have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to and receive alerts when a new video is added.


Armonk and the Origins of Frosty the Snowman

Armonk claimed Frosty as its own when it was learned that Steven Nelson, the lyricist for the song “Frosty the Snowman,” lived in Armonk for about 30 years until his death in 1981.  Hosted on, click here to listen.   

Here's a "hometown" Armonk video from 1950 - a wonderful addition to our video links on line. It came to The Historical Society from Dayton Datlowe, whose father was Sam Datlowe. The Datlowes made their home at today's 440 Bedford Road in the 1950s (today's Historic Smith's Tavern). I had asked Dayton for pictures and memories of living there.  The video was made for the National Institutes of Health - presumably as a training tool.  It is long (about half an hour), and it is health class instructional, but the scenes of Armonk 1950 are beyond terrific! And, the connection to Historic Smith's Tavern is too!  You'll recognize St. Stephen's Church, Bedford Road Historic District and specific houses therein, the baseball field behind Town Hall before the 2nd parking lot covered it up, Chief Hergenhan, Main Street, Lander Brothers Store (today's Grand Lux Realty), Crittenden School, Wampus Brook Park.  Click here  here to watch the video.   Hope you enjoy seeing some scenes of Armonk from 70 years ago!

Read more about the capture of Merle Vandenbush beginning on page 17 of this pamphlet:

The Reuben Wright's Mill Monument:

The 2018 Partners In Preservation Fundraising event.  See our Facebook page for more photos of the evening.

Miller House Press Conference - jump to 12:36 in the video to watch our 

Town Historian, Sharon Tomback, speak at the conference

Partners in Preservation 2017 

A Square Dance at the Quaker Meeting House:

Ed Woodyard portraying Mr. Creemer at our annual meeting:

The NCHS's annual meeting, held 4-16-2015, with a special presentation about the role of women in the Revolutionary War and Ann Miller of the Miller House in North White Plains, made by the Daughters of Liberty's Legacy.  Click here to watch the video.  Note:  Meeting runs 00:00:00-00:20:10, Presentation begins 00:20:11 

Meg Gregg telling us about St Mary's Church during the historical sites tour 11-14-2015:

Click this link to listen to the Bedford Road Historic District Walking Tour in the APP or call toll free 914-303-6245

Co-Town Historian Sharon Tomback at the 2015 Fol-de-Rol

This video tells the story of the village of Kensico; you can also see additional information by clicking here.