North Castle Revolutionary War Sites

Miller House/Washington's HQ

140 Virginia Road, North White Plains, NY

General Washington’s headquarters during the 1776 Battle of White Plains.  Check this link for information about this site.  Read more here. 

Miller Hill & Mount Misery

Miller Hill:  Dunlap Way, North White Plains, NY

Mount Misery:  Nethermont Ave, North White Plains, NY

During the Battle of White Plains, the tide of the revolution was turned, and the Revolutionary War Trench at Mt. Misery, a key defensive position for Miller Hill.  Read more here. 

Smith's Tavern

440 Bedford Road, Armonk, NY

Then owned by Benjamin Hopkins and occupied by Ichabod Ogden, where the revolutionary militia headquartered in 1779.  Now the home of the North Castle Historical Society.  Read more here. 

Old North Castle Church

Thousands of French troops encamped from today’s Northern Westchester Hospital (Mt. Kisco) down Mt. Kisco Road (today’s Route 128) to the hill by Thomas Wright’s Mills (today’s High Street at Greenway Road, Armonk).  See this link for more information.  Read more here. 

Washington-Rochambeau Route

Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary War Route – Continental and French Armies marched down what is now Route 22 in North Castle (some past Smith’s Tavern and some via Mt. Kisco Road) on their way to Yorktown, Virginia, where British General Cornwallis surrendered in 1781.

Read about the march here. 

Reuben Wright’s Mill, the site of which is now under the Kensico Reservoir, served as a headquarters for the Revolutionary Army 

Shown at it's dedication on the west side of Route 22 just north of Orchard Drive in North White Plains.  It was recently restored by Westchester County.  Read more here. 

Thomas Wright’s Mill served as a headquarters for the Revolutionary Army; captured British Spy, John Andre, was held in a barn at Thomas Wright’s Mills in 1780.

Access the monument area from Greenway Road, Armonk.  Read more here. 

Buried Soldiers

Patriot soldiers are laid to rest in at least 4 cemeteries in our Town - Lyon, Methodist, Quaker Cemeteries and Middle Patent Rural Cemetery.  Read more