The One Room East Middle Patent Schoolhouse

This North Castle School stood on East Middle Patent Road and served grades one through eight in the 19th and 20th centuries. Enter whee one teacher served for over forty years and taught two generations of students. Sit at an early "double" desk or at the teacher's desk on a raised platform.. Ring the school bell. Notice the old "privy" which used to stand on Maple Avenue in Armonk. Memories of yesteryear!

The privy that stands today between the Brundage Blacksmith Shop and the East Middle Patent One-Room Schoolhouse once stood on the property belonging to Armonk dentist Dr. Jerry Light and was moved to the Educational Complex in 1981. Sometimes called "necessaries" or "outhouses", these outdoor toilets were built over pits and placed several paces from the house. Often household trash, such as broken pottery or pots, was thrown down into the pit. When the pit was full, another pit was dug, and the privy was moved to the new spot and the old pit was filled in with soil.