Plaque Program

Do you appreciate the value of preserving the historic fabric of North Castle? Did you know there are over 100 homes in North Castle more than 100 years old? Would you like to have a plaque to let visitors know how old your home is? The purpose of the plaque program is to give recognition both to North Castle buildings and to the people who built or resided in them, and to encourage stewardship of and appreciation for the historic built environment of our community.

As shown to the right, the plaque will look great next to your front door. The plaque is made of solid bronze with polished letters and a dark chocolate brown oxide background. Each plaque is made to order by the renowned Franklin Bronze Plaque company in Franklin, PA. The standard design oval measures 10"x7". Franklin Bronze can also work with you to design a custom plaque, such as the example to the right.

Before ordering your plaque, the North Castle Historical Society will work with you to determine the text on your plaque. We will ask you to supply any information you have about the age and history of your property and we will research our own archives to help you arrive at an accurate statement for your plaque.

Purchase of a plaque in no way limits your right to make alterations to your house in the future nor carries any legal protection. Landmarking properties is a completely separate activity carried out by the North Castle Landmarks Preservation Committee and is not required for you to have a plaque.

If you are interested in purchasing a plaque for your home or other historic structure, please email us at .

Standard Plaque
Custom Plaque