The Smith's Tavern Educational Complex

As you read this publication, please consider the importance of Historic Smith's Tavern Educational Complex - Brundage Blacksmith Shop, East Middle Patent One-Room Schoolhouse, 1798 Quaker Meeting House, a Privy and, of course, Historic Smith's Tavern. North Castle is enriched educationally, culturally, and economically by the presence of these buildings. These buildings and their furnishings enrich our North Castle community in many other ways. As home to The Society, they provide space for myriad activities of The Society: writing and editing publications; special exhibits; educational programs; collections of slides, photographs, oral history tapes and video programs; library archives; interpretive tours of the Complex; Colonial Crafts Days; community dinners; and a variety of fund raising activities. As home to The Society, these buildings provide a place to build friendships and to foster community service. As you read this publication, please consider volunteering with us. Share the spirit of volunteerism that built these ancient buildings ... the same spirit that keeps them painted, protected and preserved today.